For over 20 years I have provided clinical supervision to social workers, students of social work, psychologists and a range of allied health professionals responding to forms of interpersonal violence in my senior roles in NSW government departments, universities, NGOs and in independent practice. I have provided supervision to social workers and students in other practice settings including general hospital casework, community and mental health and NGO family support services. I am also experienced in the provision of supervision and mentoring support to new managers and emerging leaders in social work and allied health professions.

While most of these supervision relationships have been in the Sydney metropolitan area, I have also been able to sustain collaborative supervision relationships with workers in regional areas and interstate via phone and other platforms like Skype, as outlined in these testimonials. My hope is to be able to use these platforms to offer supervision to international colleagues as well.

I think of supervision as a safe space where workers/students can critically reflect on their thinking and practice and receive support and encouragement to develop their preferred professional identities.

My supervision practice is guided by the Australian Association of Social Worker’s Code of Ethics that sets out 3 basic practice responsibilities:

  • Respect for each person’s inherent dignity and worth and recognition of their human rights. This means upholding duty of care and doing no harm to others.
  • Recognition of Social Justice as a core societal and professional obligation to recognise and address structural inequality and inequities for marginalised and oppressed groups and advocate for structural, political and cultural change necessary to create a more ‘just’ society.
  • Enacting Professional Integrity that includes and awareness of power relations in professional relationships and a demonstrated commitment to transparent, accountable practice. I am also deeply committed to my out professional development and as such regard it as necessary to receive my own Supervision and participate in on-going training and education.

I begin my contribution to the supervision relationship by being transparent about the theoretical and philosophical underpinnings and approaches of my work and invite supervisees to outline the ideas that shape their own practice. I am also interested in inviting workers/ students to critically reflect on the values and assumptions that shape their work, drawing on an Intersectionality framework to facilitate the exploration of how one’s identity is located within experiences and understandings of gender, race, class, age and so on.

This determines how one is positioned in culture and society in terms of privilege, entitlements, access to resources and inclusions as well as exclusions, limitations, oppressions and other forms of subjugation. I believe that this is an ethical obligation for all professionals who aspire to be informed by social justice in their work with clients who may identify as belonging to groups who experience the intersection of marginalisation, oppression and other forms of subjugation in their lives.


I am currently teaching Social Work undergraduate and masters qualifier students at the University of Wollongong subjects including Advanced Social Work Practice (Social Justice therapies), Working with Individuals and Families and Critical Social Work practice. I have previously taught a range of subjects at Western Sydney University and the Australian College of Applied Psychology (ACAP)

I have experience in designing and developing training and education sessions and packages on a range of therapeutic modalities in working with children and families including narrative therapy, response-based practice, systemic family therapy, strengths-based and trauma-informed approaches. I have also developed specialist courses in child protection, sexual assault, domestic violence and child neglect from identification and recognition to the latest evidence-based practice treatment models.

I am well known in my field for my ability to engage audiences and as being creative and even entertaining my performances as an educator and conference presenter (I have been known to include singing on occasion). See my list of local and international conference presentations HERE.

I foster a safe learning environment through my collaborative, consultative and flexible approach and aspire to maintain a de-centred yet influential position in my teaching roles. I welcome requests from professionals, service managers and organisations to develop and deliver training sessions and packages in my areas of specialist expertise and interest.


I am interested in providing one-off or short term serial consultations to social workers, allied health professional, teams and services in the following areas of my specialist knowledge and skills:

Interpersonal Violence

  • Child Protection – physical abuse and neglect, sexual assault (including sibling abuse), emotional abuse and neglect, medical neglect
  • Sexual Assault – recent assault of young people and adults and crisis intervention, past assault (including childhood), elder abuse, institutional abuse, sibling abuse and incest, children’s exposure to pornography.
  • Domestic violence – systemic crisis and legal responses, past and present therapeutic issues and responses, intersection with child protection.
  • Workplace and organisational abuse -bullying and harassment, systemic abuse and parallel process, vicarious trauma.

Approaches to Therapy

  • Intersectionality
  • Critical Reflection
  • Anti-oppressive practice
  • Systemic Family Therapy
  • Strengths-based practice
  • Response-based Practice
  • Narrative practices – Shared Counselling, Outsider Witnessing

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