It’s hard to believe that two years ago today I launched my independent clinical supervision, education and consultation practice. So much has happened since then. In 2019 I went overseas to present my ideas at international narrative therapy conferences in Belgium and India and then, well…. COVID happened throughout 2020 and into 2021 to keep me confined to Australia.

Despite the many challenges, restrictions and limitations of this time, including dependence on online video communication platforms, my practice has been steadily growing. I am delighted to witness the potential to develop a thriving professional community of professional practitioners interested in collective ethics and social justice doing.

My hopes into my 3rd year of practice are to bring people together to form solidarity teams and also to organise a 3 day retreat in regional NSW to build a sustainable community of social justice doers (more on these ideas in future posts)

It feels like the world is slowly emerging from the COVID cocoon so now is the time to look for opportunities for connection and growth, which ties in nicely with this year’s ISWD’s theme of Ubuntu – a Zulu word meaning ‘I am because we are’. This from the IFSW:

At a time when global politics has retreated into nationalism, Ubuntu is a powerful message on the need for solidarity at all levels: within communities, societies and globally. It is a message that all people are interconnected and that our future is dependent on recognizing all people’s involvement in co-building a sustainable, fair and socially just future.

Solidarity Forever. Onwards and Upwards comrades.